Now, you can be there for them. The Canine OncoGuarDx Test can tell you what your best friend can’t. So, your loyal cuddler won’t end up as a canine statistic.

All you need to do is to swab the philtrum of your dog (middle of their wet nose), apply the sample to the filter pad in the OncoGuarDx cassette, and the OncoGuarDx App will reveal your dog’s DNA stress in connection to cancer.

The Canine OncoGuarDx Test uses the cutting-edge ALFA (Allelic Lateral Flow Assay) DNA hybridization platform validated for philtrum cfDNA to reveal the cancer-connected DNA instability on the spot. No other test for dog cancer detection compares to simplicity, sensitivity and speed of OncoGuarDx!


Really Accurate

Greater than 95%

Really Rapid

Results in less than 10 minutes

Really Safe

Non-invasive and effortless


and clinically tested

Really Early

Pre- and post-cancer detection

Really Simple

Philtrum DNA swab

Really Reliable

Full satisfaction or full refund

2 tests

Each package includes 2 tests

Cancer is a systemic disease with evolving genomic instability.  Canine OncoGuarDx Test helps to gauge the thermodynamic instability of your dog’s DNA.  The higher the DNA instability, the more stress is your dog experiencing, ultimately resulting in cancer. Sadly, cancer rarely gives warning signals until it has progressed into the later stages and treatment often is too late.

Checking your dog’s current DNA instability is rather swift and simple.  Just use a cotton swab to collect the DNA sample from the nose split, apply it to the filter pad in the OncoGuarDx cassette, and the companion OncoGuarDx App will interpret the results according to one of the following states as shown below:

  • STEADY STATE: Normal Stress (Stress Score=0)
  • PRE-CANCER STATE: Low Stress (Stress Score=1-50)
  • POST-CANCER STATE: High Stress (Stress Score=51-100)

Unlike other blood canine cancer test that relies on biomarkers such as TK or CRP protein to express overall inflammation and rapid cell division, Canine OncoGuarDx Test measures DNA structural damages in the cancer inflicted genome.  As shown in the table below, all major types of canine cancer such as Mast Cell Tumors (1), Osteosarcoma (2), Melanoma (3), Mammary Gland Carcinomas (4), and Hemangiosarcoma (5) show genomic DNA instability with a stress score significantly above 50.

As Canine OncoGuarDx Test is fast, simple, and easy to use, you will be able to determine your dog’s DNA well-being right away, enabling you to quickly decide if corrective measures are called for.



How does OncoGuarDx work?

OncoGuarDx test analyzes the dog philtrum DNA based on differential DNA energetics to score the DNA stress in connection to defined pathophysiological conditions. The entire test takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Why do I need OncoGuarDx as a dog owner?

Cancer is insidious and stress is harmful to dogs. Canine OncoGuarDx Test helps to gauge the DNA stabilities of your dog.  The higher the DNA instability, the more likely will your dog be experiencing stress, eventually resulting in cancer. Sadly, cancer rarely gives warning signals until it has progressed into the later stages and treatment often is too late.

As a dog owner, you need to be aware of your dog’s stress level and to keep yourself alert of the DNA indication of a looming cancer.  After all, a dog will never come to you and tell you he is feeling sick.

How often should I use OncoGuarDx?

We recommend that you use it once every three months under normal conditions or every other week if your pet is shown to be undergoing stress.

Is OncoGuarDx safe for my dog?

Yes, OncoGuarDx is a non-invasive test and thus is completely safe to your dog.

Does OncoGuarDx contain caffeine or any allergenic agents?

OncoGuraDx contains no caffeine and employs no foreign DNA probe molecules that are allergenic to your pet.

If my dog is in danger zone, what do I do next?

If your dog’s test discloses low-risk stress levels, then you should make corresponding adjustments to your pet’s daily activities and diet pattern and keep close watch for any change in test results.  However, if your dog’s test indicates extreme levels of stress or the presence of cancer, seek immediate medical assistance.

Is this product considered a drug and if so, what drug class is it?

No, the product is not a drug.

Can I order OncoGuarDx outside of United States?

Currently, OncoGuarDx is not available to customers outside of the U.S.

What is the shelf life of OncoGuarDx?

The OncoGuarDx kit has a shelf life of three years under proper storage conditions.

What if I am not happy with the product that I ordered?

We will refund you the full purchase price if the kit is proved to be defective.

How is OncoGuarDx different from conventional blood cancer test?

OncoGuarDx employs the most advanced DNA technology to give you the most accurate early cancer detection at all time. Unlike blood TK/CRP test for dog cancer which relates to nonspecific rapid cell division or inflammation, OncoGuarDx checks for differential energetic alterations in the DNA conformation, which is the landmark of all cancer inflicted genomes regardless of the cancer types.

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